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Strategic Asset Management

Public sector organisations are under constant pressure to make best use of limited resources, to continue to deliver excellent quality services and to deliver best value for service users and wider communities. Strategic asset management is a vital component in this process.

Stradia has developed PropertyWorks™ to meet this need, in partnership with Peterborough City Council - it is unique and has an holistic approach to strategic asset management. PropertyWorks™ leads the way in assisting property managers to deliver best value solutions.

PropertyWorks™ combines software analysis with qualitative data collection and hands-on consultancy support. The result is an integrated package that tests asset performance and delivers objective insight. It is a system designed specifically to address the demands associated with managing a diverse property portfolio, including maintenance, improvements, acquisition and disposal.

PropertyWorks™ is an innovative decision-making tool that assists property portfolio managers to make rapid informed investment decisions, supported by fully auditable data and stakeholder views – whether to retain, sell, refurbish or improve.

PropertyWorks™ provides comprehensive and integrated property analysis for any type of property (and related assets) based on its value, energy costs, repair and maintenance costs and its value to the community (drawn from the opinions of building users and customers). This enables portfolio managers to determine property performance, analyse the role the property has in service delivery and ascertain the property’s 'fit' in the property portfolio.

PropertyWorks™ also enables portfolio scenarios to be run and analysed. Reports can be run to identify all properties that have any given criteria, for example all those that:

  • Have high energy costs
  • Have high maintenance costs
  • Have a particular type of heating system
  • People like working in
  • Customers value

By evaluating a balanced combination of both the ‘hard’ data (cost in use, size of building, energy cost etc) and the so called ‘softer’ issues (public opinion, user preferences); PropertyWorks™ reveals a complete picture to support decision-making. It also enables property portfolio managers to compare the performance of their assets against national performance indicators.

PropertyWorks™ tracks and manages all business critical assets at optimal performance levels. This can include anything from land, schools and offices to industrial units and shops. By providing a single repository for all asset-related information, PropertyWorks™ gives managers the ability to view and manage asset performance from a corporate perspective. 

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Case Study

Developing a consistent and auditable basis for Strategic Asset Management decision making.

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