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Partnering & Frameworks

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that true Partnering relationships and Framework Arrangements deliver outstanding results.

However, it’s disappointing to see many arrangements described as ‘Partnering’ that lack true collaboration, deliver mediocre results and/or still experience many of the frustrations of traditional contracts.

True Partnering and Framework Arrangements require:

  • Clear objectives
  • An appropriate form of contract
  • A robust commercial arrangement
  • A willingness and ability by all Partners to work closely, openly and trust each other
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Effective, cost efficient processes (no duplication)
  • The encouragement of innovation and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Performance management

The Stradia team brings extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the dynamics required for excellent Partnering and Framework Arrangements. We assist teams to deliver successful projects with outstanding results. We also make project delivery a less frustrating and more rewarding experience for those involved.

Our independent viewpoint supplements your in-house team to ensure alignment of objectives, documentation, processes, commercial management and teamwork - all focused on delivering value for money.

We bring simplicity and clarity to a process that is often unnecessarily over-complicated.

How we can help

Stradia consultants work closely with each Client to support them in the most relevant way – from offering strategic and commercial advice through to developing high performing teams and facilitating performance reviews. Our Partnering and Framework services include:

  • Assisting in the development of clear objectives
  • Advising on strategy, including the most appropriate form of contract and commercial arrangement (including training the team where required)
  • Procurement - writing tender documentation and selecting partners
  • Target Cost and Open Book Accounting - developing and implementing a robust commercial process (with practical training for the team where required)
  • Risk management - ensuring that risks are clearly documented, communicated and effectively managed
  • Clear processes and roles & responsibilities - to promote efficiency
  • Performance targets (KPIs) - developing and monitoring to clearly demonstrate where value for money or efficiency savings are being achieved – with the emphasis on continuous improvement
  • Regular performance reviews – this is an increasingly popular service as many teams find that their good intentions and objectives get swamped by day-to-day demands – we refocus the team and get them back on track to deliver the objectives 
  • Facilitation of workshops:
    - Start-up – to agree objectives, define working processes and build team relationships
    - Performance review – to review and improve performance
    - Close-out – to celebrate successes and capture lessons learned to promote continuous improvement on future projects
  • Framework Manager - to provide team members with an experienced focal point to keep performance on track
  • Partnering Adviser (a designated role under the PPC2000 contract) - we have extensive experience in this role

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Case Study

Procurement of a single Contractor to deliver a seven year Planned Maintenance and Responsive Repairs Contract

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