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Stradia provides consultancy services to help improve businesses and communities. Our consultants have a host of proven tools and techniques at their disposal – each finely tuned to address specific objectives and deliver valuable insight. We always match our expertise closely with the needs and constraints of a particular project.

A refreshing approach
Why work with us? The answer doesn’t lie in any one service, one expert or one unique selling point. Instead, what makes us unique - and uniquely effective for our clients - is a combination of skills, experience and values that define who we are.

Practical - but never ordinary
When you’re choosing a consultant partner, you’re obviously going to demand robust experience of what works well and sound delivery methods. That’s a given. However, what sets Stradia apart is our insistence on applying real world experience to every project to deliver practical solutions that people can implement next Monday morning!

Innovative - but never unwise
New tools, refreshing approaches, facilitated workshops, skills transfer and managed risks provide the basis for our consultancy services. For all the novel ideas we bring to a project, there’s always a clear focus on the end result. In other words, style never triumphs over substance.

Clear outputs- but never over-simplified
Why use three paragraphs when three sentences would do the same job? And why spend time on clever complex technical jargon, graphs and charts which show our legal expertise and computing skills - and little else? By using plain english and clear graphics, we get to the heart of the matter.

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Case Study

Implementation of Open Book Accounting processes and procedures to promote efficiency and effectiveness

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    18 September 2017

    Stradia Wins Prestigious Award

    Stradia has recently won the CIPS Supply Management Awards 2017 Best Procurement Consultancy Project in conjunction with our partners, Northampton...

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